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Ecogreen International Co., Ltd is a hi-tech enterprise specializes in producing and selling of the corn-starch biodegradable products. Our company locates in Anhui, China, the annual capacity of biodegradable materials reaches to 8 thousand tons. The product mainly includes biodegradable bowls, biodegradable cups, biodegradable containers, biodegradable plates, biodegradable trays, biodegradable cutlery,biodegradable knives, biodegradable forks,biodegradable spoons as well as biodegradable sheet products and granules, injection products . They are the ideal products as to the inner plates of disposable medical apparatus, electronic products, and the high-level disposable tableware and all kinds of food packaging etc.

Our main products are corn-starch-based disposable products. Corn-starch-made is indeed biodegradable, completely natural, and compostable products, which differentiates from conventional biodegradable materials. Its component is derived entirely from renewable new materials - corn, which is not only bio-degradable, but also advantageous to our environment, require less energy in processing than conventional biodegradable products.

As the oil resource shortage and the environment problems worsening day by day, member of ecogreen unceasingly develop more and better biodegradable products through our own endeavor to alleviate the environment pressure and replace the oil byproducts, which makes the positive contribution for sustainable development of society and our green earth.




Our factory was founded in 2001, located in Huaining city. It is a comprehensive enterprise, focusing on the deep processing of agricultural and sideline products, starch based biodegradable plastics. The group has a parent company and four subsidiaries with a registered capital of 62.4 million yuan, fixed assets of 145 million yuan and 400 employees. In 2017, the company realized sales revenue of 45.59 million yuan and profits and taxes of 26.88 million yuan. It is a high-tech enterprise in Anhui Province and a leading agricultural industrialization enterprise in Anhui Province. The main products are listed in the national key new product plan and the national torch plan respectively


The products are mainly made of plant starch and processed by high-tech production technology. They have good performance, safety, health, low cost, avoid environmental pollution, save non renewable resources such as oil, save energy, eliminate "white pollution" and protect the ecological environment. They are ideal substitutes for food and beverage, supermarkets, medical packaging, food packaging, industrial packaging and other fields. Their products are exported to the United States, Canada, EU, Southeast Asia and other world markets All over the world, the market share in large and medium-sized cities in China has gradually increased.



The successfully developed "biodegradable packaging bag (film) with high starch content and ring surface morphology" passed the municipal achievement appraisal in April 2008. The product technology is at the leading level in China, because the apparent density of the product is only 0.7%, which is about 25% lighter than the ordinary plastic products with the same thickness. Therefore, the product cost is greatly reduced, the competitiveness is strong, the adaptability is wide, and it is new High tech environmental protection materials. Anhui Province is the first and only manufacturer of biodegradable plastics with starch as raw material.









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